How to Use Stock Photos on Instagram

izmocars-Banner-2Social media platforms like Instagram are all about images and videos. So, how do you use stock photos to promote your business on Instagram?

Here’s how.

1. Combine In-house Photography & User-generated Content with Stock Photos

If you are posting user-generated content or customized images on Instagram regularly, then it can be a challenge to source so many images on your own. Occasionally, try using car stock photos to keep your promotions going.

2. Use It in Instagram Stories

Instagram stories stay on for only 24-hours.One of the best things to do in this timeframe is to highlight your story using high-impact stock images.

3. Use Stock Photos as Background Images

Quotes are still trending on Instagram. When posting quotes on your Instagram feed, a plain background can be quite boring. Instead, include a relevant stock image that highlights the quote.

4. Leverage Stock Photos in Carousals

Instagram Carousals allow people to post more than one image in a single post. Many marketers are excited about it since they can visually promote their brand and product using multiple images.

Consider adding a couple of stock images in your carousal. These images will bring a new dimension to the post and make it more interesting.

5. Use as Background to Promo Videos

Make your promotional videos interesting by adding a high-quality stock image to the video background.

Since there are millions of stock images on, you can easily find relevant background images for your promotional videos.

6. Leverage Stock Images for Color Blocking

You may have come across similar colored posts published one below the other on Instagram, to promote a particular product. These posts usually include stock images to fill the gap and make it appealing to their consumers.

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