2021 Suzuki Swift Stock Photography: Overview, Specs and More

main-image1Despite the lack of significant visual changes, there’s a lot to like about the 2021 Suzuki Swift. The solid evenness in its lines and creases is rare in new-gen car designs.

2021-suzuki-swift-gl-plus-hybrid-5door-hatchback-angular-front2021 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Stock Photos: Angular Front View
The Swift is comfortable, stylish, and equipped with standard safety and infotainment features. It looks more cohesive and distinct, especially when compared to its predecessor, which was inspired by the MINI.

2021-suzuki-swift-gl-plus-hybrid-5door-hatchback-front-view2021 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Stock Photos: Front View
The new fascia of Suzuki’s hatch features a wide hexagonal grille combined with a gold bumper, LED headlights, and wrap-around windshield. When talking about the sides, the Swift features curvy bulges and blacked out pillars.

2021-suzuki-swift-gl-plus-hybrid-5door-hatchback-angular-rear2021 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Stock Photos: Angular Rear View
At the rear, this vehicle has a large bumper, LED taillights and a stylish spoiler. The swift might not be the largest hatchback in its class, but has a fairly long wheelbase. The doors are large enough and they open wide for smooth exit and entry.

2021-suzuki-swift-gl-plus-hybrid-5door-hatchback-dashboard2021 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Stock Photos: Interior View
The cabin design and layout hasn’t received any major updates. This Swift comes with a sporty all-black cabin along with a minimalistic yet elegantly styled dashboard. Overall, the fit and finish of this vehicle is decent enough. The Swift continues to be a comfortable family hatch with roomy interiors and a good deal of leg space.

2021-suzuki-swift-gl-plus-hybrid-5door-hatchback-front-seat2021 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Stock Photos: Front Seats
Suzuki equipped the Swift with a lot of goodies. Even the base model comes with amenities including heater, pollen filter, touch-screen infotainment, Bluetooth, LED position lamps with daytime running lamps, and electromagnetic tailgate opener, to name a few.

2021-suzuki-swift-gl-plus-hybrid-5door-hatchback-rear-view2021 Suzuki Swift Hatchback Stock Photos: Rear Seats
Safety features include electronic brake assist, engine immobilizer, security alarm, and a lightweight impact-absorbing monocoque body courtesy of Total Effective Control Technology (TECT).
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