The Ultimate Guide to Using Stock Images on your Car Rental Website


The $92 billion car rental marketplace is highly competitive and mostly driven online. To win, businesses need to publish their rental car inventory online as soon as they become available.
No online car rental firm is likely to have the time or budget to organize a photo-shoot every time a new model is available. Fortunately, there are stock image providers like

Benefits of using the right stock images on your car rental website

1.High-quality vehicle stock images offer great ROI 
Hiring high-end photographers and automotive photography studios with huge turntables and props can be prohibitively expensive. Naturally, using readily available stock vehicle images is a no-brainer that saves you money. A lot of it, in fact.
What’s more, professional car stock photography looks great irrespective of the web platform, and unlike custom photoshoots, what you see is really what you get.
2.Saves time
If you need a vehicle image right now, simply visiting a car stock photography website like, selecting the right photograph and downloading it makes sense. Sounds easy, right?
Choosing, buying, and downloading car stock photographs is a simple and fast process, and you get a huge collection to choose from.
3.Plenty of options
Using a stock photo website like means you have access to a wide range of car images. Search filter options make it super easy for users to browse through literally hundreds of thousands of car stock images and select a perfect car image in minutes.
4.True representation of vehicles
Car buyers often assume that the images they see online are exact representations. Car rental firms need to be aware that all web images do not accurately represent actual car models.
To avoid misleading customers, always download and use car stock photos from a reliable automotive stock photo website like

Ways to use car stock photos

1.Online Listings
When deciding on the cars to rent, consumers may browse several listings. This is why you need to focus on making your online listing stand out. Using authentic stock images is one of the best ways to make that happen.
2.Car Rental Websites
Professional stock photos from can transform your car rental website into a powerful lead magnet. Try it.
3.Social media
Using elegant car stock photography in your social media posts can help increase user engagement by 10x or more, and drive more traffic to your car rental website.
If you run a blog on car rentals, stock vehicle images can help visitors visualize what you are talking about.

Things to look for when choosing car stock photos

1. Attention to detail 
When looking for car stock imagery, insist on stock photographs that addresses specific user concerns like interiors, seating, etc.
2.Standardized Image Galleries
Standardized vehicle image galleries are important to rental firms, since they enable customers to easily compare vehicles and make intelligent choices. izmostock offers standardized image sets of most models off the shelf.
3.New launches
Posting images of new models right after they are launched is likely to draw more traffic to your car rental website.
4.Exotic Vehicles
Not many will hire them, but exotic vehicle images paired with interesting content can draw a lot of traffic and inbound links, driving up your auto rental website in search results.
Try them on your blog and social media.
For more information, Contact izmostock.

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